Terms & Conditions

General Information

Delivery and Payment Terms

Reddy Chemtech uses express delivery. All items will be shipped via DHL or FedEx. Shipping charges will be added to the invoice unless other terms have been arranged. Written quotations are guaranteed for 30 days. Terms of sales are net 30 days.


All Stated price are in US Dollars and are F.O.B. from Kennesaw, Georgia. Prices are subjected to change without notice. For large quantity orders please contact us for quotation.

Use of Products

Reddy Chemtech products are intended to research purposes, unless otherwise stated on product labels.

Products Quality

All the chemicals listed in the catalogue exceed 95% chemical purity and 98% optical purity when they are chiral compounds.

Handling Chemicals

Many chemicals are hazardous. All products should be handled only by qualified individuals trained laboratory procedures and familiar with the potential hazards of the chemicals


Return shipments will not be accepted without permission.


Reddy Chemtech’s products may be covered by application or process patents. The customer must be responsible for determining the existence of such patents.